This is fanfiction by Stoneclaw33.


Leader: Ivystar - very old tabby she cat

Deputy: Stormfall - handsome, silver gray tom with blue eyes

Medicine Cat: Windheart - pale gray tabby tom

MCA: Troutpaw - pale gray tabby she cat with darker gray stripes and green eyes


Dappleheart - long furred calico she cat with green eyes (apprentice - Breezepaw)

Tornclaw - brown tabby tom with some torn out claws

Brightsky - pretty, ginger and white she cat

Blazeheart - fiery ginger tom, green eyes

Stonetail - gray tabby tom with green eyes (apprentice - Seapaw)

Lightwhisker - pale furred, ginger tom (apprentice - Cinderpaw)

Fireclaw - flame colored, ginger tabby tom with green eyes (apprentice - Scarletpaw)

Leafstorm - light, ginger tabby she cat, yellow eyes (apprentice - Sandpaw)

Brambleshine - small, light brown tabby she cat with a white belly, paws, tail tip, and green eyes (apprentice - Bluepaw)

Hollowgaze - sturdy, thick furred, white tom with striking yellow eyes (apprentice - Tigerpaw)

Grayleaf - gray she cat, green eyes


Breezepaw - cream colored she cat with ice blue eyes

Seapaw - muscular, mottled gray and white tom with amber eyes

Cinderpaw - dark gray she cat with a fluffy fur, a bushy tail, and dark blue eyes

Scarletpaw - orangish, russet colored tabby she cat with yellow eyes

Sandpaw - sand colored tom with green eyes

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