Project details
Project: Warrior Cat Art provides lineart for characters who need art. If you want to join, leave a request

on the talk page. The talk page is for discussion, putting art for approval, tweaking, and redoing. The current leader of the project is Stoneclaw.

Goal and Status
Goal: To get this project started and running!

Status: Started, semi active

Project Members
Leader: Stoneclaw
Deputy: Fallowpounce
Senior Warriors:
Apprentices: Maplefire,


Elders (inactive members): Firepaw, Fallenstars

Project News:Edit

Okay, this project started, and I will try to do my best for it. I need a deputy, and I will choose one once there are more members. We accept join requests, and anyone could make tutorials. Once I get a deputy, we will make a maintutorial, with all of the leads. The project also needs blanks, so if you made a blank, put it up for approval at the talk page. Good, my siggie is fixed. Stoneclaw☆Running through the forest... 12:55, October 12, 2011 (UTC)

Current ProjectsEdit

When listing cats, put this beside their name, depending on the rank; Warrior - (W), Leader - (L), Medicine Cat - (MC), Apprentice - (A), Medicine Cat Apprentice - (MCA), Queen - (Q), Kit - (K), Rogue - (R), Loner - (L), Kittypet - (KP), Elder - (E), Deputy - (D), Healer - (H), Prey Hunter - (PH), Cave Guard - (CG), To-Be - (TB), Sharpclaw - (SC), BloodClan Cat - (BC)


Stoneclaw33 - Scarletpaw (A) | October 16, 2011

Fallowpounce - N/A | N/A

Stormbuddy - N/A | N/A

Current tweaking/redoing projectsEdit

Put your name and the cat's name and rank here if you are participating in a tweaking/redoing projects. Only members of this project who have been members for over 2 months, may participate in tweaking/redoing.

Rank requirementsEdit

To become an apprentice:Edit

1. must leave a message on the talk page, saying that you want to join, and you will be given a mentor.

Becoming a warrior:Edit

1. Must have been an apprentice for 2 months

2. Must have had at least 4 images approved

3. Must have your mentor approve of you becoming a warrior

Becoming a senior warrior:Edit

1. Must have been a warrior for at least 2 months

2. Must have had at least 12 images approved

3. Must have tweaked 1 image

Becoming a deputy:Edit

1. Must be a senior warrior

2. Must be chosen by the leader

Becoming a leader:Edit

1. After leader retires, deputy becomes the leader unless she/he retires. Then a vote between all active users is held to determine who will be leader.

Becoming a elder:Edit

1. A user who wants to leave the project, sends a message that they want to leave or will be leaving (permanently) the project, and one of the leads will put them as an elder

Blank ImagesEdit

These blanks also belong to

ApprenticelfApprenticesm ApprenticelmApprenticesf





Cats needing art:Edit

Click here if you want to see what cats need art.

Cats needing tweaking/redoingEdit

Click here if you want to see what cats need tweaking/redoing.

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